Jamie Lee Curtis drags Lea Michele in “savage” viral interview

A resurfaced clip of Jamie Lee Curtis roasting her former co-star, Lea Michele is blowing up on Twitter: “JLC was savage for this.”

In October of 2021, Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff were guests on the Jamie Lee Curtis podcast, Good Friend with Jamie Lee Curtis. Last Friday, an absolutely “savage” section of the interview was reposted to Twitter by Danny Pellegrino, and has now amassed 1.3M views.

“JLC was savage for this,” wrote Danny above the clip, in which the trio can be heard discussing the success of the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. Lea and Jonathan starred in the sold-out series between 2006 and 2008: “We won eight Tony awards,” Lea said proudly to Jamie Lee Curtis during the interview.

Jamie Lee
Credits: AARP / Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Jamie ever-so-coldly responded, “But YOU didn’t, Lea.” Bursting into laughter immediately was Lea’s co-star and close friend, Jonathan Groff. As he cackled on, Lea simply said, “nope.”

Michele and Curtis have starred in Scream Queens together; a Disney+ horror series that launched back in 2015. Over the years, across several different projects including the highly-successful TV series Glee, Lea Michele has faced criticism for her treatment of cast members, with many people agreeing the actress requires “humbling.”

Of course, this particular unearthed clip has generated an onslaught of memes and remarks, with both fans and haters coming out of the woodwork to post such statements as, “I would commit literal crimes to know what Lea Michele’s face looked like in this moment.”

It appears that neither Lea Michele nor her representatives have made any comments about this rapidly-circulating clip as of yet. Currently, the actress is preparing for her Broadway role as ‘Fanny Brice’ in Funny Girl, which kicks off next month.