Jaydie’s ‘So Far’: A Passionate RnB Tribute to Growing Together in Love

Jaydie’s ‘So Far’ takes listeners on a passionate RnB journey, embracing love, growth, and musical brilliance.

Indulge in the delectable combination of passion, grit and indubitable love that is Jaydie’s ‘So Far’. 

As a powerful follow-up from her last single in March this year, Jaydie has once again brought the feel-good energy she promises listeners in the form of a testimonial to her long-term partner.


In the kaleidoscope of musical stylings, Jaydie emerges as an artist of raw, experienced passion, infusing her stagecraft with an unrivaled intensity that knows no bounds.

Her virtuosic versatility effortlessly traverses Pop, Country, Reggae, and RnB, finding newfound resonance in her captivating embrace of Spiritual music—a love that adds a transcendent aura to her already mesmerising artistry.

Radiating pure joy, Jaydie’s third single, ‘So Far,’ firmly solidifies her collaboration with the brilliant minds at Nyssa Ray Recordings, all wrapped up in the magic of her debut album.

‘So Far’ takes you on a journey both musically and lyrically, motivating you to continue working towards your future while reminding you to reflect on where you began, prompting that glowing, prideful feeling of retrospection.

With every note and word, Jaydie’s music becomes a celebration of her diverse influences, culminating in a compelling mosaic of emotions that resonate deeply with her audience.

Jaydie’s irresistible vocals are complimented with elements of the Native American flute and delicate Arabian-style scale played on guitar during the chorus, encompassing the passionate relationship in which the song is inspired by. 

So Far begins sensual and almost secretive, as if it was slowly emerging from the shadows, with the aforementioned flute introducing the song and key melody.

From there, the initial ‘beat drop’ in which Jaydie reveals her passionate voice makes it clear to hear how influential the early 2000s RnB music scene was in the songwriting. 

When we flow, that’s how we grow, proclaims Jaydie in the bridge/breakdown of the song, further demonstrating the strength of her relationship – a message to which many people can relate.

For Jaydie herself, it tells the story of her own relationship; I wrote this song when reflecting on how far we had come and also as a motivation to keep striving. 

So Far will have you hugging yourself, thanking your past, present and future selves for the work and dedication they put into each day as it pays off in real-time. 

Jaydie brings her raw and dedicated passion to every song she releases, almost commanding the listeners to close their eyes and drink in the musical and lyrical genius that is ‘So Far’.

Review By Maya Aston-Louis