How did Jersey Club come to New Zealand?

Jersey Club in New Zealand? VICE and BOSE are investigating why with their Seeds and Stems series

Bouncy, heavy kick drum triplets and beat switch-ups are the tools of the trade for Jersey Club music, put to good use by the likes of DJ Tiga, Ryan Hemsworth and Cashmere Cat. Unsurprisingly, this brand of house music traces its origins back to New Jersey. But you may be surprised when you find yourself cutting a rug to those sounds in an Auckland club. How did it make the 14,000km trip to become so big in the clubs of New Zealand? VICE and BOSE are investigating why with their Seeds and Stems series.

BOSE Seeds and Stems

Eastern Bloc, image via THUMP

Music is after all a universal thing. A good artist is always on the lookout for great inspiration, so why would they restrict themselves geographically? Whether it be The Beatles opening their minds in India or a few Kiwi legends adopting the vigorous beats and vocal samples that curried favour in 1990s New Jersey, good music travels far.

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Jersey Club, as the good people over at Thump have taken the time to explain, easily burrowed into the dance music scene of New Zealand. Though the scene is small, the raw edge of the genre allowed it to quickly be adopted. As local production duo Eastern Bloc note, “New Zealand is a small place and the dance community, although diverse is somehow quite unified and open. There were a lot of genre ‘cross-pollination’ type events which was a great avenue to explore new sounds as well as network & share with others doing the same as yourself”.

Head over to Thump to read the whole story, a part of the Seeds and Stems series made possible by BOSE.