Jet City Sports Club’s ‘My Everything’ is a shining gem of indie-pop excellence

Sydneys indie darlings Jet City Sports Club, has once again struck gold with their latest single, ‘My Everything.’

Hot on the heels of the infectious ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’ released in July, the band delivers yet another dose of indie-pop perfection.

With ‘My Everything,’ Jet City Sports Club sticks to their winning formula. Lilla’s heartfelt vocals steal the show, harmonizing seamlessly with resonant drum beats and dynamic guitar riffs.

Jet City Sports Club

The inspiration for ‘My Everything’ is quite the tale. It all started with a vivid dream of vocalist Lilla’s, where a loved one was struck by lightning. This imaginative spark blossomed into a song that beautifully captures the depths of love amidst life’s hurdles, emphasizing the solace found in everyday moments, even in the midst of chaos.

Recorded right in their hometown of Sydney, the band once again teamed up with the skilled Fletcher Matthews. Known for his work with acclaimed acts like CLEWS, The Buoys, and Dear Seattle, Matthews played a pivotal role in fine-tuning the song’s production and mixing.

The finishing touches, including the masterful touch of William Bowden, renowned for his contributions to Spacey Jane and GOTYE, propelled ‘My Everything’ to a whole new level of sonic brilliance.

With ‘My Everything,’ Jet City Sports Club reinforces their spot in the indie-pop scene. The track shines as a standout addition to their ever-expanding collection, showcasing their unique blend of heartfelt lyricism and indie pop melodies.

As they continue to grow and refine their sound, Jet City Sports Club undeniably remains a name that deserves to be on your radar.