Jewels launches new project alias LE YORA with latest atmospheric single ‘Ascension’

LE YORA, the new music alias co-composed by Berlin producer Jewels, has shared the atmospheric new single Ascension. 

Jewels has released Ascension, the first track lifted from the producer’s upcoming album under the brand-new alias, LE YORA. Ascension arrived earlier this month and features assists from fellow Berlin-based DJs SOMMA, yuma and MAGNUS, each of whom will comprise the just-launched LE YORA project. 

Backed by jungle-rhythm percussion which later gives way to atmospheric synths, Ascension spans the full reaches of stellar dance music, a feat no doubt aided by the collective talent of its producers. Airy vocals sing of being “surrounded by fools and liars,” as the track’s beat gradually accelerates, and until Ascension’s dance break is every bit as euphoric as its title suggests. 

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The synths remain Ascension’s most dynamic throughline, dotted each sequence until they’re finally free to assume the entire soundscape towards the song’s final moments. The single is accompanied by an extended mix — released alongside the original track — which dials down the vocals for a full display of Jewels/LE YORA’s technical mastery. 

Ascension marks the first project to be released under Jewels’ new moniker LE YORA, a quintet collective consisting of fellow producers and longtime collaborators. “We came together with a shared vision to write, produce and design the art and music totally by ourselves,” Jewels said in a press statement. “LE YORA is the start of our new journey, and we’re here to stay for a long time.” 

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Prior to LE YORA, Jewels had collaborated previously with yuma and SOMMA on the 2021 track Falling with You, which currently boasts some 10 million streams on Spotify. Elsewhere, Jewels joined forces with both MAGNUS and yuma for Paralyzed, which also arrived in 2021.  


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Ascension is the first preview of LE YORA’s forthcoming debut album, which has been described as a bold artistic statement tracing everything from afro beats to melodic techno. Listen to LE YORA’s Ascension below, and keep an eye out for the quintet’s full-length release later this year.