Jimmy Barnes tried congratulating Bernard Fanning on his new LP, and the result is hilarious!

They’re two of the most iconic figures in Aus music, and though the fact they’re friends isn’t exactly newsworthy, this text exchange between them is.

Jimmy Barnes

It seems that old Jimmy Barnes has a little bit of bad luck in the way of texting, and this exchange with ‘Bernard Fanning’ is absolute gold!

Barnesy shared a post on Facebook yesterday morn’ to share a hilarious exchange with a number that he believed belonged to Bernard Fanning. He texted Fanning to wish him well on his new LP, Civil Dusk out this Friday, but it seemed the number he had saved, wasn’t the right one!

The number belonged to a mystery person, who didn’t seem too amused by the person alleging to be Jimmy Barnes.

“Who is this? And how did you get my number?” the recipient of the text replied.

“Please STOP texting me or I will report you to the police, this is the second time you’ve done this…go away.”

We’ve all been there before, thinking some creep is trying to text us, but nope, it really was Barnesy.

Check out the full post below.