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Jo Mara proves he’s wise beyond his years on Out Of Place In Outer Space

Upon listening to his debut EP, it’s hard to believe that Perth-based Jo Mara is freshly 18. Having played music in some form or another for the most part of his adolescence, the musician has worked hard at crafting his own brand of psychedelic soul, a genre that is often difficult to crack.

Out of Place in Outer Space, Jo Mara’s sophomore release but first ever EP, has set the young musician’s career in the industry off to a strong start.

With the erudite maturity of someone who has been crafting music for years, eighteen-year-old Jo Mara wows audiences with his debut EP Out Of Place in Outer Space.

It was a few years back that Jo Mara picked up a guitar and started out on the path of crafting his own music. Not too long after, he started playing around with other instruments; first, he started singing, then turned to drums, bass and synth before he finally he decided to master the art of recording. His first songs were recorded using Garageband, but when he became serious about making his own music he updated his gear and began to teach himself the basics of mixing.

All his hard work has paid off. His debut EP Out Of Place in Outer Space is mature beyond its years. While the young musician still says he has more to learn, his excitement and passion for making music are second-to-none. Stream Out Of Place in Outer Space via Spotify below.

The whole EP resounds with passion and energy, something that Mara has come to really value in songwriting.

“I love music where you can feel and hear the passion in someone’s voice, or someone’s instrument, that you can really feel their energy and creativity,” Jo says.

“That is why I love soul music and dreamy music that can just make you wonder, and take you away for a moment, to a different time.”


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February 15, 2019