A self portrait depicting John Lennon as Hitler has sold for $54,000

A self portrait depicting John Lennon as Hitler is up for sale for $54,000

Yes, that’s correct. John Lennon once sketched a portrait of himself as Adolf Hitler, and that sketch is going for over 50 grand.

The self portrait was drawn during the late 1950’s when Lennon attended the Liverpool College Of Art.

About a decade before he released the anti-war anthem “Give Peace A Chance,” John Lennon was sketching self portraits depicting himself as Adolf Hitler.

During his time at the college, Lennon put together a larger sketchbook full of Nazi iconography.

The sketch depicts Lennon behind a podium with with his hand raised in a Nazi salute, while the words “Heil John, Heil John, Heil John, Heil” are scrawled in the bottom right hand corner.

He drew these when he was a college student, and the fact that he even thought of depicting himself as Hitler is weird,” Moments In Time president Gary Zimet told Page Six. 

Original Lennon drawings are very desirable and they are ultra rare.”

Other drawings in the sketchbook included swastikas and images of the Third Reich Nuremberg eagle standing over an oval containing Lennon’s initials.

Check out the drawing here. 

Via Page Six.