5 ink drawing tips from tattoo artist Georgia Porkchop

If Georgia Porkchop had an a capella group, she’d call it Aural Administration. Not that she does. Her favourite thing to put on toast is salty butter and honey, and given the choice between Jack Nicholson and Jack Black, she’d choose the latter.

After completing her apprenticeship at Little Art Tattoo, Georgia Porkchop is shaking up the scene in Canada. She’s given us some glorious tips to turn your hobby sketches into beautiful butterflies.

Georgia Porkchop Tattoo
Image: One of Georgia’s flash tattoos for bushfire relief

With art efforts of all calibres becoming a norm, machine and hand-poke tattoo artist Georgia Porkchop shares her best drawing tips.

Push the darks and lights

“My number one tip for drawing is to always increase your contrast. Bringing up your highlights and pushing your darks deeper makes the work look more dynamic, realistic and polished. Don’t be afraid to erase out entire areas!”

Use references

“If you’re like me and don’t have a perfect grasp of the anatomy of all objects and people, using references will make a huge difference in your drawings. You can use real life models, set up a still life or even use stock photos!”

Avoid over-blending

“This may be a personal choice, but I love texture. Unless you are trying to achieve a dreamy look, over blending can make your drawing look messy and unfinished.”

Simplify where you can

“Consider which lines and details are really necessary to the design, and what can be left out. Simplicity is effective and can add a surprising amount of complexity to your concept.”

Spend time with your drawing

“The amount of thought put in is always evident, even when it looks simple. Come back to your work the next day with fresh eyes and see how it develops from there. My hummingbird was all alone until I decided to add the woven thread to transform the concept and complete the work.”

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Georgia is currently developing her flash book and plans to broaden her client base in Toronto. In the meantime, if she hasn’t already, I implore her to go and watch Jack Black’s nacho tutorial.