Love After Love, Elly and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

On the list for this weekend is the spellbinding Love After Love from Ingrid Persaud and the gripping thriller, Elly from Maike Wetzel.

A rollercoaster ride of family fortunes is uncovered in The Fall of the House of Byron, The Little Book of Daily Rituals will help you refresh and recharge and The Vegetarian Silver Spoon is the reimagining of a kitchen classic. Let’s check out the selection.

Ingrid Persaud
Love After Love author, Ingrid Persaud

Love After Love, Elly, The Fall of the House of Byron, The Little Book of Daily Rituals and The Vegetarian Silver Spoon are among the best new reads for this weekend.

Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud

Already attracting high praise from the likes of Booker Prize winner Marlon James, Persaud’s story details the lives of an unlikely trio. When the unearthing of a terrible truth threatens to destroy this family unit, readers are asked to ponder our capacity to forgive. Via Faber & FaberLove after Love

Elly by Maike Wetzel

When eleven-year-old Elly is missing and presumed dead, her family must learn how to persevere in a world without her. When she suddenly reappears four years later, suspicions rise and her family are left to wonder if this is the same girl. More details at ScribeElly

The Fall of the House of Byron: Scandal and Seduction in Georgian England by Emily Brand

Brand’s historical research tracks the decadent life of Lord Byron and his ancestors. The book follows three generations of scandal, exposing the outrageous excesses of this infamous family in a pivotal moment in European history. See Hachette for more. The Fall in the House of Byron

The Little Book of Daily Rituals: Simple Self-Care Routines to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit by Vicki Vrint

It’s easy to be consumed by minuscule frustrations while in isolation, so what better time to remind ourselves to conscious of healthy everyday rituals. Vrint’s book offers practical tips on refreshing your mind, body and spirit. Visit Black Inc. for more information.The Little Book of Daily Rituals

The Vegetarian Silver Spoon by Phaidon

A staple of the cooking world, The Silver Spoon was first published in 1950 and offered a comprehensive guide to Italian home cooking. Now, the same attention to detail and variety has been applied to meat-free cooking, so vegetarians around the world can rejoice! Via PhaidonThe Vegetarian Silver Spoon