Matt and Alex prank Chris Hemsworth in first episode of new podcast

Much to our approval, former triple j presenters Matt and Alex recently announced their new show together. It’s fittingly titled, Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast.

The first episode was released on May 5, and the music lovers are already back to their A-game pranks.

Matt & Alex Show
Photo – Matt & Alex

Loveable Aussie presenters Matt and Alex are already back to their cheeky tricks on their new podcast together, including pranking Chris Hemsworth.

Before the pair exited triple j in 2016, they were one of Australia’s favourite breakfast host duos. Since then, they’ve both been on solo endeavours, including Alex Dyson’s unexpected but epic venture running as an independent candidate for Wannon, Victoria. They’ve been hinting of a return since last week, and their new podcast has come as welcome news for many. The presenters are now serving up “delicious audio content” every weekday.

The pranksters didn’t waste any time getting into their shenanigans. The first podcast went live this week and featured comedy icon, Hamish Blake. That in itself should have been a sign that the boys were gonna be working on some top-tier mischief.

The podcast hosts explained that they were now running their own personal accounts on Instagram, as well as the new Matt & Alex account. Naturally, trying to contact the pair about the podcast might be confusing, so they suggested a new form of communication: any enquires regarding the Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast podcast should be written as a comment on one of Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram posts. Which post you may ask? The one where he’s holding a koala of course.

Matt explains, “If you want to get in touch with the show, leave a comment on that photo from March 10… That’s our website ’till further notice”. Nice.

Have a scroll through the comments to find the chaos that followed.