Alex Dyson has announced his campaign policies in the form of interpretive dance

Former Triple J breakfast host Alex Dyson announced last week via Instagram that he is set to run as a last-minute independent candidate in the upcoming election.

Dyson stated that it was his “burning desire to change a broken political system” that led him to run in his home electorate seat of Wannon, Victoria.

Alex Dyson is running as an independent in his home electorate and his policies are nothing less than a work of art.

Sharing a video on social media yesterday, Dyson showcased not only some impressive flexibility but also his aims to deliver “forward-thinking environmental policies”, “investment in renewable energy”, “upgraded transport options”, and a “greater focus on mental health”, all while remaining “independent from the Canberra bubble.

See the post below for some progressive policies and even more progressive dance moves.


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Alex Dyson- A different kind of politician. #auspol #Dyson4Wannon . . 🎥 – @sam_hightop . 🎵 – ‘Charlie’ by @aliceivymusic

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As much as he hopes to change what has become political norms, Dyson is happy no matter the outcome of the election, stating that “whatever the result, if I’m able to at least inspire some young people that their voices matter, and that however hopeless it can feel at times it’s worth engaging in the system and shaping your own future, then I’ll be a happy little gremlin.”