PREMIERE: We Move Like Giants meld dark indie and hip-hop on Devilry

An angular romp through dark indie and Aussie hip-hop, We Move Like Giants’ debut single Devilry is a testament to the experience each respective band member has had in the industry. Deftly melding the two genres, the dark undercurrent to the music mirrors that of Nine Inch Nails and Run The Jewels.

In all its surging darkness, it seems to transcend the confines of rap in a truly dynamic way.

Devilry, the debut single from We Move Like Giants, melds the darkness of hip-hop and indie, as well as the talent and ideas of seasoned musicians.

We Move Like Giants signals a long-awaited collaboration of artists. Comprising of hip hop artists Daydream Fever, vocalist Luke Carlino, and ARIA award-winning producers/musicians SIXFOUR (A.B. Original, Hilltop Hoods, and Caiti Baker).

All emerging out of Adelaide’s music scene and enjoying numerous successes in their own individual lanes, the collaboration has been on the cards for some years. It’s safe to say that Devilry is the triumphant amalgamation of this long harvested ambition.

Sonically and lyrically, the song centres on darkness. It’s written about the inherent darkness we as people carry.

“Devilry is a song about the duality of humanity, the light and dark that affects us all. People are inherently good, but we all do bad things. God in the heart, devil in the veins. This can be applied to relationships, morals, day-to-day actions, and the inner thoughts that we never share.”

We Move Like Giants will be launching Devilry in Adelaide next month. We’ve put more information below. In the meantime, you can stream the new track above.

We Move Like Giants w/ Elsy Wameyo and Sasha March
Saturday, June 29 – Jive, Adelaide