Joshie P runs us through each track of his 2017 album A Little Less Dark

When we first stumbled across the unique and immersive sounds of Joshie P, we were immediately on board. Each of the artist’s songs hold a surreal quality that you’ll quickly get hooked on.

So we caught up with Josh for a track by track run-down of his 2017 album A Little Less Dark.

A year removed from the release of his incredible 2017 album A Little Less Dark, Joshie P runs us through the stories behind each track.


Alice basically looks at the story of Alice In Wonderland, but where she’s just like, a massive junky and tripping out and at the end of the song there’s a final little twist.

Sign Up Now

Sign Up Now is written as if three separate people begun using a dating app, like tinder or something. And each verse is like, their write up of themselves to hopefully sort themselves out a date.

Torn From Space

Torn From Space is about being different and operating on a different level. The parallel being drawn to coming from space.

Dear God

Dear God is a song that’s kinda like asking for help at the same time as having a go. Essentially it’s about struggle though.

Going Down

Going Down is about star crossed lovers that may seem unlikely for it to work out, whilst also knowing that eventually it will all fall into place. A modern day Romeo and Juliet. There’s a desperation, but also a very deep love.

Mad Maze

Mad Maze looks at some very poignant issues in the world at the moment. I began writing it purely because I saw yet another story about a black person being beaten near to death by a cop for no reason. Shit like that makes me so ridiculously angry.

Can You Not See

Can You Not See is me just being hugely cocky. It’s filled with fast and complex lyrics and saying can’t you see I’m simply better.

A Way Out

A Way Out I started writing because one of my friends Dad’s was a sufferer of depression and ended up killing himself. Having struggled with that and other things for many years myself and seeing so many people around me in pain I tried to write a song, which at its core is a method that I found works well enough for me to get my mind to a better place.

No Relationshits

No Relationshits I wrote because I was getting sick of the complications and bullshit that tended to follow all relationships. I actively avoided them for many years and even that caused problems sometimes. I’m over all that now though.

Slow Down

Slow Down I wanted to finish my album with. I joked around and was serious in different parts all through it, but at the end of the day I’m a rapper and rapping is about intelligent lyrics and complex rhymes and trying to be better than others around you. With this song I’m saying if you’re a rapper you won’t be able to keep up with me.

A Little Less Dark is available now.