Enter the surreal world of Joshie P’s album A Little Less Dark

Aussie hip-hop artist Joshie P (real name Josh Pope) has been making music for a number of years now. First came The Ups And Downs Of Purgatory, then came A Little Less Dark. Across this pair of releases, the rapper has carved out an incredibly unique spot for himself in the Australian hip-hop scene.

Though on A Little Less Dark, Pope refined his sound into something truly special. It’s surreal and immersive; an explosion of bizarre, colourful lyricism and slick beats.

On his album A Little Less Dark, Joshie P navigates a surreal and completely unique brand of hip-hop that will leave you feeling hypnotised.

Throughout the album’s ten tracks, Pope glides through story-driven hip-hop tracks that will leave you with a wonderful feeling of disorientation. As he weaves his signature satirical wit with social commentary, the artist creates a sonic space that’s unlike anything else currently making the rounds.

His lyricism melds seamlessly with his dynamic production. On each track, Pope creates a unique soundscapes that feel individual while sitting cohesively with the rest of the album.

From dark, brooding piano compositions to energetic and vibrant, old-school hip-hop beats – this album never sits in one place for too long. A Little Less Dark is an exciting listen from start to finish.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the album above.