Julia Why? throw us into the deep end with new single Holden On

Julia Why? have just delivered another taste of the trio’s forthcoming second album Hysteria! set for release in the next few weeks.

Holden On is the third and final single to be released ahead of Hysteria! It’s a heavenly track filled with enthralling melodies and vocal hooks as well as gut-wrenching and visceral lyrical wonder.

Julia Why? continues harnessing enchanting riffs and soaring harmonies in Holden On, taking you slow dancing through an 80s prom flick.

Julia’s voice is a swirling and ethereal chant exploring heavy themes of love and loss, unfolding the way that relationships can create a deep burning fire that bends the rules and breaks our hearts.

I wrote Holden On when I was living in a paper-thin walled apartment above a guitar shop,” Julia Wylie explains. “The owner of which was my neighbour who fucked really loudly in the bathroom during his lunchbreaks most days. It was comically bad. I was heartbroken and kind of reconciling how sex is shaped by our past and our politics.

There is a sense of calm and dreaminess in the track as it burns away slowly, the gradual build-up of both guitar and percussion pulling you in and consuming you totally by the end of the track.

Holden On really boasts the band’s versatility in their sound, as well as Wylie’s raw honesty and immense skills as a songwriter. Previous single Starman, an ode to the ever-inspiring David Bowie shows a stark contrast in sound as well as the diversity in themes and ideas explored by Julia Why? As a result, listeners can expect a unique and dynamic sound to come out of their new album Hysteria! set to be released on August 27.

On top of the release of Hysteria!, Julia Why? has invited fans to celebrate with a launch party at Marrickville’s Create or Die on Sunday September 8. More info here.

Hysteria! has been nearly three years in the making and if the rest of the album is anything like Holden On, Julia Why? will be unstoppable in the years to come.

Check out Holden On below: