Step into the vast sonic landscape of Julian Temple Band’s new album Antarctica

Julian Temple Band create sprawling landscapes within their songs. Their tunes are like sweat-soaked fever dreams; surreal hallucinations that leave you feeling as though you’re staggering through a slice of vast and desolate desert. There’s a coldness in their songs, but an equally powerful warmth to counteract.

With the release of their sixth album Antarctica, the band’s lineup has expanded (they’re now performing as a six-piece), as has their sound. Antarctica is Julian Temple Band’s most exciting and innovative album to date.

On their sprawling sixth studio album Antarctica, Dunedin-based outfit Julian Temple Band create a vast sonic soundscape that you’ll have no problem getting lost within.

Throughout the new album’s nine-track duration, the group – made up of Julian Temple, Alex Vaatstra, Paul McLennan-Kissel, Richard Ley-Hamilton, Logan Hampton, and Steve Marshall – navigate a variety of genres to deliver something truly their own. With their dark concoction of blues, rock, psychedelia, and pop, the band have crafted something that feels simultaneously sparse and textured.

The album’s title track Antarctica is the perfect showcase of the band’s ability to craft immersive soundscapes. With chilling string arrangements and quirky vocal hooks, the track will immediately transport you to our globe’s southernmost continent. And much like Temple, you’ll never want to leave.

Antarctica is the latest release in a string of consistently great records from Julian Temple Band, and we strongly recommend you take the time to dive down the rabbit-hole of his back-catalogue. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what he delivers next.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Antarctica above. Catch Julian Temple Band live at any of the following dates:

January 17th – Pigeon Bay Social Club, Banks Peninsula
January 18th – Strawberry Tree, Kaikoura
January 19th Grovetown Hotel, Blenheim
January 20th – Moon, Wellington
January 21st – Lucky Bar, Whanganui
January 23rd – Common Room, Hastings
January 24th – Freida Margolis, Auckland
January 25th – Mount Brewing Co, Mt. Maunganui
January 26th – Lettuce Inn Festival, Katikati
January 27th – Lukes Kitchen, Kuaotunu
January 30th – Sprig & Fern On Hardy, Nelson
January 31st – Roots Bar, Takaka

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