It’s official, Jupiter Project are delivering the best music this side of the Tasman, and all the proof you need is in their latest collab with Bandi.

Jupiter Project is making a major name for themselves, as one of the foremost indie, hip hop, R & B electronic bands to come out of a Country that is generally better known for its indie rock, or dubb. Not bad for a two-piece band fresh outta college. Gaining fast comparisons to the likes of French outfit Phoenix, and N.E.R.D, the duo has made a big impact internationally, topping the charts both at home, and in France and Belgium.

Their newest offering, sees the band teaming up with fellow New Zealand artist Bandi, WGMI (We Gon Make It) an infectious and impeccable dance floor wonder, popping with a deft light touch, that hits all the right places.

Jupiter Projects Gavin Correia and Marty Rich caught up with Bandi to talk about passion and early inspiration.

jupiter project

BANDI:  Hey guys!

JUPITER PROJECT: Hey B! Haha fancy seeing you here.  Alright, Lets start from the beginning… When did you get into music?

BANDI: I’ve been singing ever since I could talk, my sister is six years older than me, and she’s an incredible singer, so I looked up to her and learned from the best.

My parents also put me into piano, guitar and singing lessons from a young age, so I’m super grateful they did that. I started taking it seriously as a career in 2016. Ok my turn!

What gives you inspiration to write music?

JUPITER PROJECT: We write music based off lived experience – either our own or the people closest to us. Being able to express those feelings and emotions in music is very therapeutic and I think it makes our audience feel closer to us because we are putting our story into our Music. 

How about you? Who are your biggest inspirations?

bandi jupiter project

BANDI: First and foremost, my grandma in brazil – the most loving, giving, and caring person in the world. She’s never had much but still manages to fuel everybody around her with love, which is super inspiring to me.

Rihanna – watching her go from one boss bitch thing to the next, she has consistently been my girl crush and inspiration. Her 0 f’s attitude and hustler mentality are unparalleled.

Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin – founder of Veuve Clicquot – known as the “Grande Dame of

Champagne” born in 1777 – the lengths she went to as a female business owner in that time is

incredible – highly recommend reading up on her.

JUPITER PROJECT: Interesting! What are your passions other than music?

BANDI: My absolute passions are anything to do with art, design, and creativity. I’m a qualified interior designer, so an absolute nerd for all things architecture and interior design.  And you guys? Other than music – what makes you feel most alive?

JUPITER PROJECT: One of the most important things in life is travel. We love to experience new places, cultures and meeting new people. New environments challenge the soul and refresh your energy. Sometimes the senses need to experience things that they haven’t before.

BANDI: Love that! Experiences are so important – so what is your favourite performance you have ever seen?

Jupiter Project: This is a hard one! We’ve been lucky to see so many amazing artists and performances up close and personal over the years.

One of the highlights has to be Childish Gambino’s “Pharos” tour which he brought to New Zealand – one of the few places in the world that got to experience the full production.

He brought a huge dome that had an amazing set of visuals projected onto the entire dome. It was so immersive and really brought the music to life. Plus his vocals and the energy of his performance were absolutely spot on!

We always love discovering new studio routines and processes. Everyone is so different. How do you decide what to write a song about? `

Jupiter Project
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BANDI: I love to observe! There is always so much happening around us. I’ll write anything that sparks my interest or gets my brain racing into the notes section of my phone as a potential song topic.

Then, the next time I write a song, I look through the list and see what resonates with me. Otherwise, I listen to what my emotions tell me to write that day.

How do you choose which artist to collaborate with? 

JUPITER PROJECT: For us it always starts with building a relationship with the person/people. We want to get to know the artists on a human level and build an environment of respect and trust that allows the best work to take place.

We’re lucky to have built some lifelong friendships with former collaborators and are bound together by our creative experience in making those songs.

BANDI: Ok let’s go with a deep question…Where do you see the music industry In 5 years?

JUPITER PROJECT: I think we’ll continue to see the rapid evolution of sound and genres continuing to be melded into new offerings. We’ll also see the way in which people consume music has a big impact on the landscape of how music is offered to those communities – we keep seeing songs get shorter and shorter and album releases becoming rarer and rarer.

I also think we’ll see more technology being incorporated into releases, visuals, and performances – there are so many inspiring things going on in the AR and VR space alone that it makes me really energized and excited to see what art will be created in this time.

Ok, let’s end this interview with an easy one… What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

BANDI: Subway cookies put them in the microwave for 10 seconds, and you’ll be blown away.

JUPITER PROJECT: Haha nice! We’ll be sure to give it a go!


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