Keke Palmer is ready to play X-Men superhero, Rogue

Keke Palmer reacts to TikToker suggesting MCU should cast her as Rogue from the X-Men series: “Come on agentttttttt.”

Keke Palmer took to Twitter yesterday, to respond to a rapidly-circulating video posted by TikTok creator, @jacobfordridgway. In the minute long-clip, the avid Marvel fan pitches the idea of having Keke Palmer play X-Men film character, Rogue, should Marvel Entertainment decide to cast the character for an upcoming addition to the franchise.

The TikToker says the character of Rogue would align well with “Keke’s personality, which is what makes her a fun, watchable actor.” He adds, “If you want her to really deliver a powerhouse lead, she’s got to have room to play in that role. There’s only one way I can think of to give her that fun, boisterous role that she thrives in, while also pissing a bunch of people off.”

Credit: Getty Images

He concludes, “let her be Rogue. Let her wear Daisy Dukes and throw a truck at Carol Danvers. Let her save me from the metro train.”

The clip was later uploaded to Twitter by user @planetfrosts, and has amassed 1.7 million views to date. On Thursday (September 15), Keke Palmer re-Tweeted it and stated the following in regards to the TikToker’s advocacy for her casting: “Come on agentttttttt.” Check out the original video and Keke’s response below.


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