Kilter chats Sunday sessions, Berlin techno parties, and the new music he’s bringing into 2019

If you’re a fan of Kilter, there haven’t been too many opportunities to see him on a stage lately. After the madness of releasing and touring his debut album Through The Distortion in 2017 you can hardly blame him, and as he assures us, he hasn’t been entirely off the job.

With the news that he’ll be DJing a free show at the Sheaf on Sunday January 27th (right after the Hottest 100 finishes up), we thought it high time we catch up for a chat.

kilter Photo: Liam Riley
Photo: Liam Riley

After a quieter year on the live front, Kilter is coming into 2019 with a class of new tunes. Before he hits Sydney for a Sunday session at the Sheaf, we caught up.

HAPPY: What have you got coming up this summer?

KILTER: It’s good to be back in Australia for the summer! I messed up last year by heading over to Europe and the States and so missed all the sun. I’ve got a few festivals around the country, but otherwise just finishing a whole lot of music off. Some of it has started to make an appearance in the shows so you can catch a sneaky preview there.

HAPPY: What’s your favourite thing about summer in Sydney?

KILTER: Just getting out of the house and spending the day at the beach or hanging with friends. Everything feels great when the sun doesn’t go down till 8pm. I recently discovered stand up paddle boarding so that might feature in the next few months.

HAPPY: What’s the best thing about a Sunday session?

KILTER: The best thing about a Sunday session is being the only person not at work at 9am on a Monday morning. Touring over the weekends has seemed to have turned Mondays into my Sundays.

HAPPY: What’s your most memorable Sunday session?

KILTER: To be honest I can’t really remember what day of the week things have happened. One memorable day session, which I assume was on a Sunday, was in Berlin. I was touring in Europe alone and had the day to kill so I went for a walk. I stumbled on a mad riverside day techno party. Those sort of things are pretty memorable when you are alone on the other side of the world.

HAPPY: What’s your go-to refreshment on a hot day?

KILTER: Double espresso over ice for sure.


Catch Kilter live at Sheaf Sundays on January 27th, 2019. Grab all the info you need here.