Fresh off the release of her new single, we caught up with KÖDA for a chat

Earlier this week, when KÖDA dropped her new track 57, we were immediately roped into her charismatic pop sounds.

So fresh off its release, we caught up with the artist herself to chat about the new single, where she seeks influence, and the meaning of “Whack Pop“.

Fresh off the release of her incredible new single 57, we caught up with Melbourne based artist KÖDA for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

KÖDA: Things are great! Right now I’m snuggling with Simba (my dog) and blaring some T Swizzle… you know, just the usual haha.

HAPPY: You’ve just dropped 57, how are you finding the reaction to it?

KÖDA: I’ve had some incredible feedback which has been really reassuring considering the different angle this song has taken in comparison to my first release. I uploaded 57 to triple j Unearthed and it shot straight up to #2 on the unearthed pop charts and #4 overall which I was not expecting at all! It’s always scary releasing one of your babies and I’m just super grateful for the love and all the great reviews/feedback I’ve been receiving. I’m secretly but not so secretly loving that people are calling it a “rock anthem“. I’ll take that label any day haha.

HAPPY: Looks like you worked with a few people getting this one together – who else was involved?

KÖDA: Yes I did! So I’ve got way too many people in my life that I’m forever wishing I could thank every 5 seconds haha. There were a lot of people behind the scenes that were super important throughout the whole process but with this release in particular, I collaborated with my producer/friend Sean Hutton. I basically took an old song of mine to him and was like “ok, this is what I’ve got.. now let’s re write this shit” haha! So 57 ended up being a co write between the two of us and we kind of just pieced everything together from there. He’s incredible. The man does it all – producer, sound engineer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist. He’s been such vital part of this project. We work really well together and I’m glad 57 came about the way it did.

HAPPY: You call your music ‘whack pop’, can you explain that a little?

KÖDA: Every time I’ve been asked what genre I fall under, I’ve always hesitated and struggled to give the right concise answer. So I decided to call it exactly what it feels like to me.. ‘Whack Pop’. Basically it’s pop music with a twist of something whack in the mix. I’ve always loved pop music and the genius behind a simple/memorable hook, but I’ve also always loved the unexpected. So with ‘Whack Pop’, the unexpected kind of sits below the surface just waiting to surprise you later. After a few listens, you start to realise the song has even more to offer the you originally thought? Kind of like a belated birthday present that you didn’t see coming but is just the cherry on top of all those other groovy presents you got on the day of?

HAPPY: Are there other whack pop artists out in the world? Who are some of your influences?

KÖDA: I’m not sure! I hope so! There’s probably a lot more artists out there that have struggled labelling what category they fall under just like I have, so I’m sure there’s a lot of new terms to be created in future! The music scene is just so diverse these days. It’s getting harder and harder to put things in a box. I’m definitely a fan of drawing outside the lines, so I’m excited for what’s to come! I’m inspired everyday by so many different artists so it’s hard to narrow it down but I’m a huge fan of major pop/rock icons like P!nk, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Stevie Nicks, Michael Jackson etc. The ‘whackness’ is actually influenced by some local talent. People like Hiatus Kaiyote and Jaala.

HAPPY: How do you compare 57 to your previous single Scissors?

KÖDA: Scissors had more of a youthful, cheeky and playful vibe about the song. I think 57 has matured a lot more. It’s darker, heavier and has a more intricate narrative. Both tracks carry a lot of attitude and weight in their own ways. I like to think that 57 is the grown up version of the girl that sings Scissors?

HAPPY: You’ll be launching the single at Yah Yah’s on October 12th, what can we expect on the night?

KÖDA: The band and I have been hard at work piecing together an updated show filled with new songs, from originals to some classic covers and lots of energy. This show will reflect everything that 57 embodies.. power, attitude, vulnerability, atmosphere and lots of ‘whack pop’ haha!

HAPPY: After you’ve hung up your boots post-launch, what’s next for KÖDA?

KÖDA: Well I’m actually in another band called Tempus Sun and we have a show coming up In Dec which is exciting! So that’s next for me.. but I’m also really looking forward to just putting pen to paper again and writing without the deadlines! I’d love to have an EP lined up for the next KÖDA release.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

KÖDA: Pleasure was all mine!

57 is available now.