KRUMPLE KRINK unveils dream-pop masterpiece, 'Fear Of Death'

KRUMPLE KRINK unveils dream-pop masterpiece, ‘Fear Of Death’

Perth-hailing musician and producer, KRUMPLE KRINK shares his captivating new dream-pop single, Fear Of Death ahead of EP launch.

KRUMPLE KRINK has just unveiled his latest dream-pop sensation, Fear Of Death. Brimming with captivating and harmonious vocals, vibrant synths and a fiercely-addictive melody, this glowing hit marks the first single to be released from his forthcoming self-titled EP.

Flawlessly-produced from start to finish, this catchy, endlessly-playable tune is a near three-minutes of feel-good sonic mastery. Fusing together a myriad of influences, the psychedelic exploration of sounds showcased in Fear Of Death were recorded and edited by KRUMPLE KRINK himself, in his home studio. They were later mixed and mastered by Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios (Tame Impala, Pond, Miley Cyrus).

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Credit: KRUMPLE KRINK Facebook

KRUMPLE KRINK is the project of Perth-based 21-year-old musician and producer, Yannai Goldberg. After spending a period of time gigging around the city as a percussive acoustic guitarist, Yannai began to broaden his musical horizons by experimenting with a vast array of sounds. This led to the launch of KRUMPLE KRINK, and the creation of his forthcoming EP, which will be self-titled under his new moniker.

Speaking on the new project, Yannai told us: “I am extremely excited to finally release KRUMPLE KRINK after a couple of years of hard preparation and exploration of a wide array of sounds. This project is my biggest passion in life, and I have worked tirelessly to create a new sound that you’ve never heard before.”

Fear Of Death marks an impressive beginning to a new era of music for fast-rising indie pop artist, Yannai Goldberg. If this is only a taste of what’s to come from the forthcoming EP, KRUMPLE KRINK, we can’t wait to hear what the entire collection of tracks has in store for us! Stream Fear Of Death on Spotify today.