5 amazing dream-pop bands bringing bliss to Australian music

5 amazing dream-pop bands bringing bliss to Australian music

With the world in general stasis and waves of hysteria pealing across the media, people everywhere are looking for an escape. Be it books, games, or music we can’t help but recognise the lush, lapping waves of dream-pop as the best escape on the planet.

With enough reverb to fill a swimming pool and velvet falsettos to boot, here are 5 amazing Australian dream-pop bands dishing up delicious tunes.

Photo: Charlie Hardy

Here are five Australian artists taking dream-pop to the next level and sculpting their own sounds. Drift into bliss on these ethereal waves of sound.


Newcastle native, Tilly Murphy is the mastermind behind Fritz, has laid out a blueprint for dream-pop perfection in three quick years. Her eponymous debut album dropped in 2017 like a moment of peace in an ocean of noise. Since then she has honed her dreamy, transportive waves of woolly fuzz and introspective lyrics.

Having released four singles since her debut album, each one remains a potent example of how quality over quantity often prevails. Jan 1 is a comet trail through the stratosphere and is likely her best work to date. Though Murphy has been relatively quiet lately, we believe she has some big things in store for 2020.

I Know Leopard

After hearing I Know Leopard’s debut album last year, Love Is A Landmine has stuck with us ever since. It’s an expertly crafted album of dreamy synths, snappy rhythms and hooks, Yep, it’s stacked wall to wall with hooks. A true high mark of modern, dream-pop that has earnt the outfit a dedicated fanbase.

“It’s been really therapeutic in that way,” frontman Luke told Happy Mag. “You know, a lot of us have had battles with mental health issues, as you do as a young adult. I suppose that one of the things that’s been quite triggering to me has been romantic experiences. Because love is one of those things that can bring a lot of joy, but also a lot of pain.”

Decked out in glitter and a carousel of curated costumes, I Know Leopard also possess one of the most captivating live shows around. Their attention to songcraft and lyricism made Love Is A Landmine one of the best releases of 2019.

Catch I Know Leopard at Bay Sounds on the 5 Apr. Event here.


Reigning the shoegaze soundscapes of Cocteau Twins into a vacuum of granular space, Lorelei burst onto the Sydney scene last year with two incendiary singles. While shoegaze is defined by its tsunami-like walls of sound, Lorelei has characterised their own identity defined by the places void of sound, giving their music a sense of the infinite.

So far Skylight and I Am A Road have hit the ground running with upbeat rhythms and velvety vocals. Be sucked into the dark, swirling dream-pop of Lorelei, it’s a gorgeous journey.

Jack River

Jack River’s 2020 EP Stranger Heart is an ethereal experience to say the least. Its seven songs stack up to 20 minutes and act as a cathartic return to ’80s synths and modern romanticism. After her wildly successful debut album, Sugar Mountain, Forster native Holly Rankin moved to Mollymook and joined a netball team, yearning again for a normal life.

Proving you can live in the country and be successful, River’s new EP confronts climate change, the pursuit of romance, and life in a digital world. Produced by Xavier Dunn and featuring Jack River at the height of her game, this is one helluva way to kick off 2020.


Though they only have two singles under their belt you shouldn’t underestimate Ultracrush. Living up to their same sake, Ultracush boasts a sound that is like rippling sheets of velvet. Simple, yet melancholy and lush.

Their latest single, Leave, is one of those tunes that instantly feels like an old friend and has been one of our most replayed songs of 2020. Catch Ultracrush at the Vic On The Park on 28 Mar. Event here.