Kucka – Unconditional

Before you start clucking like a chicken, I’ll spell the name phonetically: Coosh-ka. So just think angry German, then have a go at saying it again. Laura Jane Lowther goes by the name hard to pronounce name (or what I what I call the Bon Iver factor) Kucka, making kick ass lefty-electronic progressive pop.


Getting stares for all the right reasons. Kucka’s performance art brings a whole new level to her dreamy electronic music. She’s so captivating, just like her music.

How did she start? Where all great musicians (and meth addicts) start: in their bedroom, tinkering around, experimenting with different vocal recording techniques and messing with vintage synths. I have a feeling her unique style partly had something to do with the advantages (or disadvantages some people will argue) of being far away from the east coast, or the general population of the rest of the country.

She’s had a wave of success in the last couple years after gaining traction from A$AP Rocky sampling one of her tracks (how the hell did that happen? I don’t know, but hey, anything to strengthen our bond with our mates in America!). From then she’s been highlighted from Triple J Unearthed, she got to play a set at Laneway 2013 and now playing at this year’s Bigsound in September! Blimey! And she also released her new EP this year called Phantasy. Everything’s looking up for Kucka.

Take a listen to her track Unconditional. It’s a synth spectrum of colourful slow-jam, decorated rhythms and just the right amount of sugar pop to make you feel good. I’m a fan of this track and after a few listens, I’m sure you will be too.

She’s also got a weird ass video for her song Rewind. Lots of smoke, shimmery lights, and ironic geisha girls running around in a forest. So yeah it’s pretty cool.

Her off-the-beaten-track electronic ways are sure to get more heads turning in the future. Go Kucka!



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