Large Mirage premiere their 70s inspired music video for When The Morning Shines

Vintage rock n’ rollers Large Mirage collaborate with independent filmmaker Claudia Prestipino to bring When The Morning Shines to life

Up and comers in the Australian rock scene, Large Mirage present a refined image in When The Morning Shines. Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the group themselves, this new single sings with confidence and passion; as well as an unshakable sense of who Large Mirage are.

The third single to drip from the jaws of this 70s reincarnate, When The Morning Shines is full of sass and brazenness. With undeniable attitude and swagger, Large Mirage have created a defining moment with the release of such a perfectly executed video.

Featuring the vocal of Malia Hoffman, When The Morning Shines takes the groundwork already laid by Large Mirage and builds tirelessly atop it.

Consciously composed and even more consciously released, When The Morning Shines is a massively concerted effort.

Transportive, groovy as hell and full of pure enjoyment, – despite the amusingly cynical take on a break up song – When The Morning Shines holds within it an epic quality.

large mirage music video premiere

Hoffman’s entrance begins with just a shot of her thick white boots, walking up a dirt path to where the rest of the band stand dancing and vibing to their own creation.

It’s an exhilarating moment, one full of excitement and anticipation. Dragging a microphone behind her step, Hoffman takes the centre of the stage like she’s never been anywhere else – but also with the confidence of someone who doesn’t care whether we care or not.

With a verse that is so painfully catchy combined with the look of unbothered coolness on each members face, Large Mirage appear seasoned and unfazed.

This just makes them and When The Morning Shines all the more appealing.

By the second chorus we’ve reached nightfall, and the gradient lighting plus spotlights and split shots of multiple members becomes a heady experience.

The dance break during the solo is easily a highlight, bringing the focus in on the pure joy emanating from Large Mirage as a whole.

When The Morning Shines is powerful, enjoyable and immensely charming.

Large Mirage level up massively with this effort.