Lauren Gin taps Reshma for clamorous electro-pop single ‘Flight’

Enlisting the vocals of Reshma, New Zealand producer Lauren Gin delivers an intensely euphoric fever dream in the form of new single Flight. 

Lauren Gin has shared Flight, the third single to be lifted from the producer and songwriter’s upcoming EP Adrenaline. A high-energy track punctuated by intense trap and future bass, Flight enlists the vocals of New Zealand-based singer Reshma. Defined by its electronic basis, the single effortlessly blends pop structures with the kind of filthy-heavy drops you might hear on a Skrillex record. 

Bringing powerhouse vocals to the table, Reshma softens the sonics with airy ruminations on the passage of time, before Gin amps up the energy with dazzling space synths and a climactic pre-chorus. For a lesser producer, heavy trap stylings might threaten to overwhelm the track, but Gin imbues them with an infectious rhythm that makes Flight infinitely replayable. 

Lauren Gin single 'Flight'

I see with clarity, got a new mentality,” Reshma sings defiantly as Gin’s production ascends to fever pitch. “Now it’s time to watch me take it back.” So enthralling is Flight’s dynamic rhythm — with clamorous electronics and brooding echoed vocals — that Gin rightfully provides a cool-off section towards the end of the song, slowing down the instrumentation to provide a triumphant sense of closure. 

Flight is intensifying but also euphoric, and each listener will interpret the sound in their own unique way,” Gin said of the single in a press statement. “For me, I feel uplifted and energised, and I hope the song elicits similar feelings with listeners.” Equal parts anthemic and hard-hitting, Flight is a worthy example of Gin’s renown within the New Zealand DJ scene, and a promise of more yet to come with the release of Adrenaline. 

Lauren Gin single 'Flight'

In between releases, Gin has stolen the spotlight at NZ festivals like Rhythm & Vines, Hidden Valley, and Electric Avenue, and shared the stage with the likes of Australian electronic duo Peking Duk. Flight is the latest preview of Gin’s sophomore EP, having previously shared fellow singles Walk Away and the JANAYAH-assisted Remedy. 

Adrenaline is set for release in July. In the meantime, check out Lauren Gin’s captivating new single Flight below.