League of Legends’ new champion Seraphine probably has more followers than you

Fan interactions and pre-release content with Seraphine, Riot Games’ upcoming champion, is making League of Legends history.

Seraphine is that support champion we’ve been waiting for from League of Legends. Following the horrendous slaughters delivered by Yone (imagine playing ADC in 2020) since Patch 10.6, this new addition to the lineup will be a nice change in pace from the current state.

Riot Games have already crossed the line between the virtual and the real in 2018, but the social media presence of this new champion has created hyped followers in addition to some amazing fan interaction.

seraphine league of legends riot games

This will be the second time  League of Legends has pulled off such a grand publicity scheme. K/DA was the virtual pop group created by Riot Games in 2018 to tap into the K-Pop scene and infuse it with their own personal touch. The girl group unit featured four League of Legends champions voiced by both American and Korean singers, and the pay-off was huge. With the music video garnering over 370 million views and the release of profitable in-game skins, the stunt was successful in every way.

Seraphine isn’t far off from the music scene; her social media accounts label her as an aspiring songwriter and producer. As a result, we get some pretty sweet visuals and audio clips from her. With around 250,000 followers on Twitter, it’s incredible to see how much traction she’s getting (I mean, we don’t even know her abilities yet).

This whole concept of creating an idol within the virtual world is pretty groundbreaking. Going beyond the physical, these dynamic characters have already taken over Youtube in the form of virtual Youtubers. If K/DA was jumping onto the K-Pop scene, then this is most likely a leap towards the Vtuber market. The most popular Vtuber (Kizuna AI) has over six million fans and has made waves on different social media platforms.

Although not quite as internet-breaking as the most popular Vtubers, Seraphine has gained many fans of her own.

Riot Games has now all but confirmed Seraphine as their new champion by giving her a place within their in-game universe. An official collaboration between her and K/DA has finally quelled all doubts, where nothing had really cemented her position within League of Legends up until now.

Whilst this pretty much guarantees another K/DA skin to add to our fancy collections, it is unlikely that this will happen until after the current PsyOps event. With the virtual pop idol group headlining the World Finals opening ceremony back in 2018, we can expect something similar towards the end of October with the upcoming 2020 Worlds in Shanghai.

League of Legends has a habit of releasing a variety of champions into different roles each year. With Sett as the bruiser in top lane, Lilia running around the jungle, Yone assassinating poor souls in mid and Samira becoming the new broken ADC, this leaves Seraphine as our guaranteed new support for 2020. Until her release, check out her content and fan interactions on Twitter.