Charli XCX gets restraining order against fan found naked in her hot tub

Charli XCX has issued a restraining order after finding security footage of an obsessed fan stripping down and using her hottub – twice!

It goes without saying that celebrities are just like us (people), and they deserve to have their boundaries acknowledged and respected. One crazily obsessed Charli XCX fan didn’t get that memo and crossed the line, big time. The adventure even left them with a little restraining order for their troubles.

The obsessed fan, who has now segued over to the stalker zone, attempted to access the singer’s home twice within the last week, on August 24th and 25th.

Charlie xcx restraining order

The Boom Clap singer was not home at the time, but security footage showed him walking in and out of her bedroom, before stripping down to take a nice relaxing dip in her hot tub. This evidence led to the Wisconsin man to be arrested. It was later revealed in court filings, that he had also sent hundreds of obsessive and disturbing messages via different social media platforms to the singer.

A temporary restraining order has now been granted to the musician, meaning the obsessed fan will be legally obligated to stay at least 100 yards (approx. 90 metres) away from her home, car, workplace, and most importantly, herself.

If you are an obsessed fan of any artist, please respect the privacy of celebrities; prancing around naked in their house will certainly get their attention, but for all the wrong reasons.