Replicate every synth sound from Tame Impala's Currents on free software

Learn how to play the synth sounds of Tame Impala’s Currents thanks to a real-life synth wizard

Currents, the latest long-player from Tame Impala, was a synth feast. The record saw Kevvy P and the boys move further away from their old school guitar origins into a poppier, synth-driven sound, and it’s reception was off the charts.

A legit, robed synth wizard from Reverb Machine has done the hard yards on uncovering Parker’s secrets on Currents, detailing how to achieve the wobbly sounds in every track, from Nangs to Let It Happen. And best of all, they’ve showed you how to get it done on free software.

kevin parker currents synth sounds tame impala

Want to sound like Kevin Parker and Tame Impala? Learn how to replicate the synth sounds of Currents thanks to the work of a true master.

“I fell in love with those naff ’90s sounding keyboards. I’ve got a Roland JV1080 synth module that you can plug a midi keyboard into. An audiophile would think some of the patches are the cheapest, plasticky sounds. But for me they’re so romantically nostalgic. Because they’re sounds I remember from when I was growing up in the ’90s. The sounds that remind of something I heard on the radio in the car.” – KP

Using mostly Juno and MOOG emulators (with downloadable patches), the writeup is remarkably easy to follow and extremely detailed.

Head over to Reverb Machine to read the full piece.