Liane Moriarty on her 'Best Desert Island book'

Liane Moriarty on her ‘Best Desert Island book’

Torn between a practical “how to live off the land” book or a comfort read, Liane Moriarty shares her Best Desert Island book.

Australian author Liane Moriarty, best known for the adaptations of her novel to screen, Big Little Lies, and Nine Perfect Strangers, has shared her Desert Island book in a recent chat with Daily Mail, revealing that she rarely reads a book twice. 

When asked what her desert island book would be, she replied, “I always want to answer this question literally and choose something useful, such as How To Thrive On A ­Tropical Deserted Island: A Primer For The Shipwrecked Sailor Or Living Off The Land In Paradise by Mike Riley (that’s a real book!). However, I understand I am really being asked: what book brings you comfort? The truth is that I rarely re-read books, but if I had to relive a sublime reading experience it would be Life After Life by the amazing Kate Atkinson.

life after life
Life after Life tv series Credit: What to watch

It’s the story of the many different possible lives of Ursula, who is born again and again in 1910. I had such a sense of movement when I was reading this book, it was as though I was being spun round and round, leaving me laughing, dizzy, and exhilarated — so it would be perfect for reading in a swinging hammock slung between two palm trees.”

Sounds good to us.