New study shockingly finds lockdown is making couples bang more often

Lockdown is believed to have positively affected relationships, sparking significant growth, with more sex and fewer fights.

While lockdown has certainly created a lot of anxiety and boredom for individuals, a new study has found that American relationships have largely blossomed as a result.

The discovery goes against earlier widespread doubts, which suggested that spending too much time with your significant other would ultimately lead to a desperate need for space, followed by tons of arguing and eventual separation.

lockdown relationships

And while that has been true in some cases, a national poll released in February by Monmouth University, New Jersey, showed that an impressive 70 per cent of people were “extremely satisfied” in their relationships due to lockdown.

I mean, when you think about it, lockdowns do leave a lot of space for Netflix and chill, right?

Dr Gary Lewandowski, a psychologist overseeing the annual Monmouth poll, believes that the reason for the improved experience is simply built on the science that:

relationships are our rock, providing strength, stability, and ultimately a foundation for resilience, especially when life feels overwhelming.

So the implication, then, is that couples don’t work out when they have it all too easy?

Hmm… I guess the ‘grass is greener’ conundrum makes a little more sense now.

Relationships, by the sounds of it, are inherently codependent.

When times are tough, having a shoulder to lean on makes a world of difference, inspiring couples to no longer take one another for granted.

However, this does beg the question: when (if) the pandemic is over, will these blossoming couples still have the same fondness for one another in the outside world?

Daniel Roque-Coplin, a 25-year-old from New Jersey, shares his experience of surviving lockdown with his significant other:

“Living together, you don’t really have a choice about spending time together, and you naturally end up wondering, ‘Does my partner really like me, or do they just have to be here? …but I realised over time we just really enjoyed talking to each other”.

So, by the sounds of it, while lockdown does force us to stay together in some ways, perhaps it is for the best, as it gives a chance to recognise just how great spending time with our loved one really is.