Loki’s Tom Hiddleston just broke top 10 on the Billboard charts

2021 continues to surprise, as acclaimed Loki actor Tom Hiddleston makes an unlikely appearance on the Billboard Chart for the first time.

Tom Hiddleston has made history for himself after appearing on the Billboard Chart for the first time, thanks to the song Very Full, which appears in the third episode of Marvel and Disney+’s Loki.

What’s even more bizarre than a Marvel singalong breaking the charts, is that the song itself is mostly in Norwegian! Sangen er stort sett på norsk, yo!

Image: Loki/Disney

We didn’t realise so many people spoke Norwegian!

No, it’s okay. We know it’s just a catchy song that appeared in a Marvel show, hehe.

Very Full made its debut on the charts at an impressive number 10 spot, meaning it’s already in the top 10! Go Tom!

To date, the single has sold nearly 500 downloads in the week ending July 8, according to MRC Data.

If you’ve been following the show, you’ll likely remember the moment the song was introduced. Spoiler alert! Loki technically sings the song in Asgardian, the dialect of his home planet.

(Sorry! back up! We didn’t realise so many people spoke Asgardian!)

And technically, the song isn’t called Very Full. In the episodes’ end credits, the track is credited as Jeg Saler Min Ganger. Yeeeeeahhh… I think the former is a lot catchier.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time a Marvel song has hit the charts, either. Earlier in March, Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha All Along debuted on the Digital Song Sales chart thanks to its feature in WandaVision.

Looks like Marvel may turn into a record label before we know it!

Very Full was written by Norwegian singer-songwriter Benedicte Mauseth and Norwegian author Erlend Nødtvedt.

Check out the weirdly wonderful superhero tune below. You’ll notice that it’s pretty darn unconventional for a top 10 tune. Where’s the beat? Where’s the hook? What’s he even saying? Who cares! It’s Loki!