Lola Scott chats Newtown Festival, her new single, and the art of the music video

Lola Scott has just three singles to her name, but the world she’s building is formidable. Pulling a luscious pop sound and matching each tune with a resoundingly cinematic music video, it’s clear this artist isn’t fond of anything but perfection.

With her new single Heaven Knows in tow and an appearance at Newtown Festival on the cards, there had never been a better time to catch up with Lola for a chat.

lola scott interview happy mag

We speak to Lola Scott about appreciating the art of the music video, her performance at Newtown Festival, and what projects she has in the works.

HAPPY: Hey Lola, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

LOLA: Things are great! I’ve been busy working on a new release that will be out in November and working on a new video for that one too. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing for myself and other artists as well as co-producing some up-and-coming artists that I’m super excited about.

HAPPY: Your new clip for Heaven Knows just dropped! What can you tell us about this one?

LOLA: A lot of work and planning went into the vid for Heaven Knows. I definitely couldn’t have done it without Ashleigh Lindsay and Matt Hopkins. We started having meetings to plan out the storyboard, aesthetics and choreography about a month before shooting. This is the largest scale crew I have ever worked with and it was so great being able to work with all of the dancers from THSPA dance school and the two dancers from my live show (Ashleigh and Peyton Cole… who will be joining me onstage on Newtown Fest).

HAPPY: You co-directed this last one I noticed. How was that experience?

LOLA: Co-directing was way more work than I had ever realised and it made me appreciate all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to organise that many people and plan everything in detail, from location to costumes.

HAPPY: Are there any musicians whose videos you’d single out as someone to look up to?

LOLA: A music video that I loved the aesthetic of recently was CYN’s Holy Roller. I love anything that feels like it emulates sacred rituals subtly or cult style clothing and movement. I was also inspired by the costumes and location of the Picnic at Hanging Rock series.

HAPPY: Great to see you on the Newtown Festival lineup this year. Are you a native to the Inner West?

LOLA: I’m stoked to be playing Newtown Festival this year. I’ve lived in the area for about five years after moving from Bowral and have loved watching my mates perform at the festival in previous years.

HAPPY: Is there anything else you have coming up?

LOLA: I’m working on a bunch of singles at the moment and really enjoying shaping my sound with a bunch of different producers as you’ll be able to hear in my live set!


Catch Lola Scott at Newtown Festival on Sunday November 10th in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Sydney. Details here.