Get lost in memories of better times with The Chesterfield Band’s debut EP Early Days

If you haven’t yet heard of the Chesterfield Band, it’s time you caught up. The father-daughter duo turned four-piece band are weaving their smooth melodies and contagious choruses into listener’s minds nationwide, and you don’t want to be missing out on the fun.

the chesterfield band

After the huge success of singles Home and Imagining Nothing at All, The Chesterfield Band continue to take over the hearts of Australia with their debut EP Early Days.

Early Days is a collection of inspirational, heartwarming, heartbreaking and sassy songs taken from the group’s early days, when teenager Tess and father Cam were writing songs in their kitchen.

Immediately it’s clear that the songs are so expertly crafted. They grab you by the heart, then the group push and pull you the way they want you to feel. Tess’s vocals are simultaneously vulnerable and controlled, with a uniquely gorgeous tone that sounds something like Norah Jones meeting Hayley Williams.

The opening moments in Home when Cam joins Tess with vocals, it’s like fireworks. The way their voices blend is completely seamless. Supporting this, the production is feel-good, honest and welcoming, like visiting your family after a long time away and knowing you’re safe and nothing will change.

Moving through the EP, The Chesterfield Band travel through a variety of musical influences, showcasing the versatility of their songwriting. Starting out with more of a roots vibe, they twist and twirl through pop, rock, and edgier blues. This EP is like opening presents from your stocking as a kid, you never know what’s coming but it’s always good!

As we reach If You Love, we come across my favourite line in the EP, “pack your shit and move.” The sass of this track is absolute fire! This is then followed by much more vulnerable and raw Imagining Nothing At All, which continues to be featured on Tiger Air flights across Australia.

Standing Still is a magical way to end the EP, tying all of the different genres together, from the edgier blues to the uplifting roots and really emphasises the beauty in Tess and Cam’s harmonies.

If there’s one new release you listen to this afternoon, make it the Chesterfield Band’s new EP. Listen above.