Love Crumbs tug on the heartstrings with new single ‘Vacant Dream’ featuring Cloudbelly

On new single Vacant Dream, Love Crumbs tap Cloudbelly for a stirring, indie-folk ode to music’s healing power. 

Love Crumbs have enlisted Cloudbelly for their new single Vacant Dream. A sonic message to the band’s extended family, the song opens with gentle acoustic guitar strums before forefronting the intoxicating voice of Cloudbelly’s Corey Laitman.

Delicate and commanding in equal measure, Laitman’s airy vocals are punctuated by a unique drawl which adds to the track’s indie-soul melody. 

Love Crumbs x Cloudbelly single 'Vacant Dream'

Drenched in layered sax and the steady throughline of catchy percussion, Vacant Dream details guitarist Michael Dubuque’s experience with “grieving the loss of my relationship with my brother while he struggles with his drug addiction,” he explained in a press statement.

The tenderness of the tribute is reflected in the song’s production, which swells to intensely emotional levels with rich and textured instrumentation.

Ali joins in on the breakdown for a stirring chorus and later on for the bridge before the final act that tugs on the heartstrings. With praise worthy church -like harmonies, their vocals shine, tugging on heartstrings, evoking awe and reverence, which makes for an utterely captivating listening experince.

While there’s much to be said about the single’s sound — from the unique airhorn flairs to the masterful mid-song reprieve — Vacant Dream’s most captivating element is its lyricism.

Detailing a personal yet relatable struggle, the band invites the listener deep into its psyche with unparalleled intimacy. 

 Cloudbelly croons in breath taking perfection “I’ve heard we’re God’s children,” as the surrounding tune fades to silence, “I’ve heard there’s forgiveness.”

Speaking of the track’s inspiration — which stands as an exercise in the healing power of music — Michael said Vacant Dreamis about trying to let go and to accept the situation as it is… The dream I had of [my brother] getting and staying clean became a vacant dream and I had to accept that.” 


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Meanwhile, Dubuque described Cloudbelly — known offstage as Corey Laitman — as his “favorite songwriter” in their shared hometown of Massachusetes.

He continued: “They also have an incredible capacity to evoke emotions in their singing… I think we made something beautiful that we’re both proud of.”   

The release of Vacant Dream comes amid the ongoing recording process for Love Crumbs’ forthcoming debut album. Set for release in the summer of 2023, the project will follow a trio of singles released by the band since 2021, including Cavalcades and Ellipses. 

Listen to Love CrumbsCloudbelly-assisted new single Vacant Dream below.