Mars Flint drops ‘Nervous’, a heartfelt anthem for anxious lovers

NSW-based singer and songwriter, Mars Flint has produced and delivered the goods with his new track, Nervous.

Mars Flint released Nervous yesterday, a new single featuring the silky-smooth vocals of Charlie Ulia. The track bends within emotional and crystalized soundscapes, to produce nostalgic elements inspired by 00’s pop that morphs into a stylish trap-soul single.

Possessing a sound that is crafted in a mysterious yet tranquil way, the hazy absence of his love is shadowed through half-drowned backup vocals and fading pans of the melodic piano. Charlie Ulia’s more low-tone vocals and brief use of voice distortion create a punchy contrast. 

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Mars Flint’s breathtaking catalogue of releases, including his debut EP Stuck In Orbit, has pushed his name into the centre of Australia’s ever-evolving contemporary R&B scene.

Scenester summed up Mars Flint in a quick snapshot by expressing that he was becoming a part of the “emerging contemporary R&B sensibilities that are bursting with heart-felt romantic vibes.” 

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Through the intricate use of panning, Nervous holds a sense of desperation and despair that is further emphasised by Mars Flint’s earnest lyrics, which convey a sense of longing for his past love.

Soulfully singing the words, “can we just go back to the past,” his sound is wrapped in woozy shadows and breathy, blistering emotions.

Glittering with chaos, Mars Flint experiments with electronic sounds within the track. Phone and camera-like sounds elevate the restlessness and detachment that he is battling with and trying to push through.

Nervous by Mars Flint ft. Charlie Ulia is now available worldwide! Stream the new single via Spotify below.