The Hollywood Waltz unveils new single ‘Someone Better’

Sydney’s The Hollywood Waltz have dropped their 80’s infused new single, Someone Better.

Following up from their debut track, There For You, the band’s latest release, Someone Better holds at its core the heartbeat baseline of the 80’s. Think Daryl Hall & John Oates, crossed with Toto. The dance floor meets Earnest, and we are here for it. 

Singer-songwriter Matt Druery embraces the vocally, the heart-on-your-sleeve feel of the brightest synth-fueled era to date, explaining that the premise of the band’s new single “Is centered around the old cliche of feeling lonely and longing to be with someone and going back to something or someone that you shouldn’t, just to fill the time and fill the emptiness. 

“Once you’re back with that person, you think it’s going to be perfect and exactly what you want & need, but in reality, you just remember why you left them in the first place… And thus the line – ‘if drinking is all we have in common, maybe we shouldn’t to be together sitting at this bar.”

the hollywood waltz
Credit: The Hollywood Waltz

The guitar is sent directly from 80’s heaven, and the baseline…. a thumping heartbeat with a direct line to all of the good bits of an era gone by. 

The Hollywood Waltz is the vehicle for the songs of Matt Druery, the sounds described as a head-on collision between a DeLorean and a Tesla”.

Listen to Somebody Better here.

The band is set to showcase Someone Better, There For You and songs from their forthcoming mini-album, every Wednesday through November at the Botany View Hotel, Newtown. 

Don’t miss their single launch on Thursday, November 10 at Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney.


the hollywood waltz
Credit: The Hollywood Waltz

Hollywood Waltz live dates:

November 9 – Botany View Hotel, Newtown NSW

November 10 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney – SOMEONE BETTER SINGLE LAUNCH

November 16 – Botany View Hotel, Newtown NSW

November 23 – Botany View Hotel, Newtown NSW

November 30 – Botany View Hotel, Newtown NSW

Check out their popping karaoke video for There For You below:

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