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Maximise the power of your monitors with the ARC System 3

IK Multimedia has launched the ARC System 3, the latest iteration of their acoustic correction system. The system is designed to correct room acoustics to improve monitor audio accuracy in the studio.

Offering a new analysis algorithm, the ARC System 3 promises a listening experience that replicates an acoustically treated studio in any room, ensuring an accurate representation through your monitors.ARC System 3

The ARC System 3 from IK Multimedia is an audio correction system, designed to provide optimal accuracy in your monitoring.

The software includes a precision-manufactured MEMS room analysis microphone, but is compatible with any measurement microphone. Once the analysis has been performed, the settings can easily be imported into any DAW through a plugin.

The ARC System 3 allows for limits to be defined across frequency ranges to preserve monitor voicing. The system also features variable resolution and smoothing, as well as two phase modes for stereo imaging, and Peak, RMS, Loudness and dynamic range metering.

The system also has virtual monitoring capability, allowing you to emulate various popular playback devices, such as TVs and smartphones, to ensure sound translation across devices.

The software-only version is currently selling for $199.99USD, while the microphone included version is available for preorder for $249.99USD. There are a range of offers available for existing customers of IK Multimedia, so for information on those offers and more, head to IK Multimedia.