Mecca Normal – Empathy for the Evil

Mecca Normal is anything but ‘normal’. Their music is riddled with political themes, feminist sensitivities and washed out vocals that scream acid-rock. The Canadian duo, originally from Vancouver formed in the early 80s and since then, have represented those who hunger for social change.

mecca normal

Who do you turn to for music with political and feminist themes? Look no further than Mecca Normal and their art meets grungy acid rock.

Minimalistic and raw, they blend art and music into one yoke, gathering inspiration from Jean Smith’s abstract paintings and novel pieces. A quick research of Mecca Normal brought up countless mentions of the Riot Grrrl Movement, in which Jean Smith was cited as a major influence. With titles like Strong White Male and Man Thinks Woman there’s absolutely no questioning why this empowering female has played such a crucial role in modern-day feminism.

This band have something exciting on their agenda and of course being musicians you can happily assume that means they have a new album out! In Mecca Normal’s case this shining new album is Empathy for the Evil which features songs entirely shaped from Smith’s two unpublished novels. They promote a sense of chaos with dissonant melodies and thick distortion. There is a sense of disjuncture with this adaptation, Smith’s lyrics seem purposed for spoken word and are at times at conflict with Lester’s guitar.

However, this album also puts forward songs like Art was the Great Leveler and Wasn’t Said in which there is a greater sense of unity between the vocals and the guitar. For the most part, Empathy for the Evil creates sombre narratives which act to immobilise you, holding you as the captive listener.

If you’re interested in an adrenalin experience which features angst rock themes that challenge the slow flow of our society, look no further. Empathy for the Evil is available for pre-order right now.



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