Introducing: Andy Stott

Within the dark world of producing is Manchester man Andy Stott. Like other producers, this guy not only produces his own stuff but also has projects under a few different aliases such as Andrea (I’m thinking having multiple names is a requirement for being a producer nowadays). Backed by Modern Love Stott has released a few albums through this label and has a solid track record for producing some great tunes.

andy stott

Manchester’s very own Andy Stott will lure you into the darker realm of ambience where things are going to get interesting, prepare yourself.

Expect electro, techno, dark and left wing dub when listening to this guy. He certainly has a distinct style going, with free delayed vocals, samples, keys and dissonant harmonies that produce a really interesting sound. A lot of swells and electro pads. He mixes in just the right amount of major sounds but sticks a lot to the darker side.

Andy Stott’s most recent drop, Violence, is a very dynamic track with a palette of sounds. For one it is a lengthy track spanning over six minutes. I found that this is a lot the same for other tracks – he likes to produce longer form songs; more bang for your buck. Violence starts slow and gentle with a pad laying the progression. There is a really interesting roar of the hook that plays loud and accented overhead with an echo.

Things get real after a couple verses and the beat kicks in with a wobbly woofer bass that I can imagine would vibrate every hair on your body if played in a club with massive speakers. Distorted keyboards decorate over the top of the looming sea of heavy bass. Just as you think you’re lost in the noise, he bring a little R&B vibe to keep you on the line.



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