Introducing the bouncy beats and saucy samples of Sydney producer Intaloopa

Sydney-based producer Intaloopa is as new as it gets. Having only unveiled his debut single Remote Control at the beginning of the month, we’re still very firmly in the “I knew Intaloopa before it was cool” stage.

After hearing the track’s refreshing rhythm, bouncy melodies and killer vocal samples, we were hooked. So, we reached out to the artist for an introduction, and to dig a little further into this mysterious up-and-comer.

intaloopa remote control sydney producer

A new face in Sydney’s rapid-fire electronic scene, local producer Intaloopa is taking flight with dreamy soundscapes and powerful analogue synths.

HAPPY: Hey there. So, what’s the Intaloopa elevator pitch?

INTALOOPA: “Sydney electronic artist Intaloopa emerges with a story to tell by turning sounds into emotions. Infusing analog synths, drum machines and live instrumentation to create dreamlike soundscapes.”

HAPPY: Nice! I really like the vocal samples in Remote Control. What’s your sampling process, or were they recorded by yourself?

INTALOOPA: I usually sample off records, VHS tapes, cassette tapes and DVDs. I mainly search for a vocal sample to compliment the music. For Remote Control I really wanted to sample a vocal snippet off an old Cyndi Lauper record, but I couldn’t find the record that day in my studio.

I ended up using a vocal snippet from another popular female artist’s record from the ’80s instead. It turned out far better, as the sample tops the song off! I use Ableton to write my music. It has great sampling tools in the box to edit, warp and pitch a sample in so may ways.

Photo courtesy of Intaloopa

HAPPY: What’s your gear setup like? You mention analogue synths and a 707, but it sounds like there’s plenty more in the mix.

INTALOOPA: I got my own little studio setup in my house. It’s a tiny run room but I’ve managed to squeeze in a drum kit, guitars, and synths all running into a Universal Audio Apollo 2 interface. The main foundation for Remote Control was the 1984 Korg Poly 800 analog synthesizer and the TR-707 drum machine.

I also played my 2001 Highway reissue Fender Stratocaster along with a bell and triangle! There’s also my parents upright piano in the mix for good measure.

HAPPY: What’s your biggest inspiration and why?

INTALOOPA: I’m really inspired by artists, actors and painters that stick it to the system and question the modern day needs of society. I’m currently listening to alot of music by Mad Professor, watching a lot of Marlon Brando films & recently discovered the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.

But my biggest influence would be my family upbringing and the memories that I keep, which turn into emotions that I have to process everyday.


Remote Control is out now.