Melbourne artist proves every cloud has a golden lining, converts abandoned crashed car into an art installation

A creative Melbournite has taken sustainable art to a whole new level by spray painting a totalled car completely gold.

golden car

One creative Melbournite seized a golden opportunity when they came across a totalled car in North Fitzroy, proceeding to spray paint entire thing…gold.

The vehicle – once a silver Toyota Camry – crashed into a tree in North Fitzroy around the 16th of October. Probably stolen, the car was quickly abandoned with the keys still in the ignition, but in the two weeks since the crash nobody has bothered to clear it away. Actually it seems that the only person who payed it any attention in the past fortnight is one opportunity-grabbing artist who took to giving the car a makeover.

It still isn’t clear what will become of the golden chariot, but we reckon it could probably make its way into next year’s Biennale – if the cops don’t crush it into a little golden cube that is.

In the meantime, people are losing their shit over it on social media.


Sorry, that had to happen.