Mini Mansions’ new single Hey Lover is the nostalgic indie gem you’ve been searching for

Mini Mansions‘ collaboration with The Kills’ Alison Mosshart is the nostalgic, 80’s-style indie-rock you’ve been dreaming of.

A cut from their forthcoming album Guy Walks Into a Bar…, the single Hey Lover is a testament to the group’s coveted background, with members from indie rock giants Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Last Shadow Puppets.

Hey Lover, the crooning new video clip from Mini Mansions and Alison Mosshart, is nostalgic, 80’s-style, indie-rock magic.

Bringing in elements of all three bands, the song sounds like an edgy take on Stranger’s Kiss by Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen, but with a way more droney, fuzzed-out rock grandeur. Best of all, Hey Lover arrives with a music video to suit. It chronicles a phone call between two lovers, and looks a lot like a clip you would’ve seen on Rage as a kid.

Talking about the track, Mosshart said: I love doing collaborations with bands I love, getting to dive in and explore another artist’s work”.

“When Mikey sent me Hey Lover and asked if I wanted to sing on it, I was stoked. From first listen, I wanted to hear it again and again. What I love about this song is that I’ve had this realistic lyrical conversation many times. We’ve all had this conversation many times. But it’s never sounded so beautiful. Usually, it’s more of a gutter punk song. A lot of screaming and breaking things. Mini Mansions make foul play sound elegant. What a modern/old school music video, you know? My role in this video took approximately an hour (modern), 2 cigarettes and half a bottle of wine (old school). I am quite pleased with the results.”

Mini Mansions are set to drop Guy Walks Into a Bar… on July 26. You can preorder it here.