Mitch Rowland delivers ‘Here Comes the Comeback’ featuring the unmistakable BV of Harry Styles

Just when you think Friday couldn’t get better, Mitch Rowland drops a third single from his forthcoming album ‘Come June’

In the world of music, there are those rare songs that find a permanent spot in our playlists. For us, that song is Mitch Rowland’s ‘Come June’—its beauty keeps drawing us back, time and time again. And now, Mitch has treated us to another musical gem.

Ahead of his debut album release on October 6th via Erskine Records/Giant Music, Rowland shares ‘Here Comes the Comeback’, a track featuring the unmistakable backing vocals of Harry Styles. This release follows the footsteps of the album’s title track and the recent single ‘Bluebells’, giving us a taste of what’s to come from this talented artist.

Rowland’s musical choices, particularly his collaboration with producer Rob Schnapf, evoke echoes of the legendary Elliott Smith. However, in Rowland’s case, there’s a different kind of depth—a touch of nature’s hues, like that feeling after a long-held breath is released. In Rowland’s world, beauty speaks through the music itself, a testament to his sensitivity as an artist.

‘Come June’ is a collaborative effort, featuring contributions from outstanding musicians including Rob Schnapf, bassist Jerry Borgé, Matt Schuessler, and Rowland’s bandmate and wife, Sarah Jones. Notably, Ben Harper and Harry Styles also join in, adding their own magic to the mix. Schnapf’s rare live appearance at the release date concert at The Troubadour in Los Angeles is a special moment, driven by his deep connection to ‘Come June’.

The story behind ‘Here Comes the Comeback’ reveals a departure from Rowland’s usual meticulous process. This time, the track took shape in a spontaneous, one-evening session with Sarah. “I was strumming something and she was playing a synthesizer and tapping out an electronic drum beat. We made a quick arrangement with all the parts we were playing. Sarah was engineering, so we dumped it into her laptop. Then I walked out of the room and the lyrics came all at once, in one breath. Never happens like that,” Rowland recalls with a smile.

Rowland’s journey from Ohio to Los Angeles in 2013 mirrors the ups and downs of any aspiring musician. In 2016, a chance collaboration with Harry Styles transformed his trajectory, resulting in hits like ‘Meet Me in the Hallway’, ‘Watermelon Sugar’, and ‘Golden’. It also led to a partnership with Styles in his touring band and a love story with fellow musician Sarah Jones.

‘Come June’ signifies the start of a pivotal chapter for Rowland—an album that began its creation back in 2019. The title track, with its evocative organ melodies, was the initial spark, temporarily set aside during Rowland’s bustling tour with Styles. Then, the unexpected quiet brought on by the pandemic became the fertile ground for inspiration. Guided by his trusted creative ally, Sarah, Rowland breathed life into the rest of the album, and ‘Come June’ took its final form.


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In Mitch Rowland’s musical odyssey, we’re not only witnessing an artist’s evolution but also a testament to resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of music to shape lives. With ‘Come June’, Rowland invites us on a journey through his soulful landscape—a journey that promises to leave a lasting mark on our hearts.