Explosions In The Sky chart new sonic territories with ‘End’

Explosions In The sky deliver a pinch of industrial sprinkled with a whole lotta love, and cinematic feels with the poignant & stunning album ‘End’

After a seven-year hiatus, Explosions in the Sky, the renowned band celebrated for their emotive, cinematic soundscapes, returns with their latest offering, ‘End,’ released through Spunk Records / Virgin Music Australia.

Expanding on the essence of recent singles like ‘Moving On’ and ‘Ten Billion People,’ ‘End’ finds Explosions in the Sky at their most daring. This album deftly weaves guitar and keyboard melodies into a bold, widescreen production, delivering an immersive auditory experience that acts as a cathartic release.

The album draws its inspiration from the concept of endings—be it the conclusion of a life chapter, the drifting apart of a relationship, or the gentle farewell of a friendship. According to the band, each track originates from a unique story or idea, collectively expanded upon to forge its own sonic universe. The album’s title, they suggest, invites various interpretations, allowing room for endings to symbolize both cessation and commencement.

EITS brings a dynamic and captivating tone to the table, blending elements of industrial without the weighty crush, but rather in a more enchanting WALL-E kind of way – yes we do mean THAT emotional af Disney movie.

Their mastery of their instruments is evident; drums march with precision, creating a soundtrack to the world as we’ve known it, know it, or will come to know it—a bridge between past and future, both emotionally and sonically.

‘Moving On’ illuminates the path ahead, imbuing the chaos of the world with an overwhelming sense of beauty.

‘Loved Ones’ is a delightful piece, encapsulating the depth of love in all its quiet and monumental moments. This leads to the exquisitely delicate ‘Peace or Quiet,’ a lull in the space between, a stillness after any ascent or descent, a moment of reflection.

‘All Mountains’ embraces a grander style, with weighty piano punctuated by percussion that taps like a thought on the edge of your mind. Then, the music surges, propelling you forward at a steady momentum, outdoors, as vast as a mountain itself.

‘The Fight’ takes it up a notch, industriously infusing a gritty, industrial mood, introducing new sensations and information. It’s expansive and monumental, akin to a whale in many respects, such is its scope and feel.

‘Its Never Going to Stop’ brings us to the edge of a thought, a realization that some things are eternal. Just as the acronym for NERD suggests, “no one ever really dies.” Despite the ticking clock at your heels, there’s an underlying understanding that intertwines with everything, an unchanging truth.

With nearly a quarter-century of musical exploration, Explosions in the Sky have become synonymous with daring, emotionally resonant compositions. They’ve evolved from playing unconventional DIY spaces to gracing stages alongside notable acts like Fugazi and Built To Spill. Their music has echoed in prestigious venues worldwide, from Radio City Music Hall to the Royal Albert Hall, the Greek Theatre to the Sydney Opera House.

In an industry often dominated by commercialism, Explosions in the Sky’s distinct style has earned them both critical acclaim and commercial success. They’ve sold nearly two million albums globally and unsurprisingly have contributed scores to five major motion pictures.

Their compositions have provided the backdrop to modern sports epics, documentaries, and television series, largely owing to their groundbreaking score for ‘Friday Night Lights.’ Their influence reaches across a diverse spectrum of artists, from Nine Inch Nails to The Smashing Pumpkins, The Flaming Lips to Death Cab for Cutie, and many more.

While ‘End’ marks their seventh studio album, it emphatically asserts that the band’s creative journey is far from its conclusion. Explosions in the Sky continue to chart new sonic territories, promising more chapters in their illustrious musical odyssey.