Get swept up in Kaikobad’s airy soundscapes with new double-single release

Kaikobad heads from tropical retreats to spacey atmospherics on double-single release Cornsilk and 14c clear. 

Kaikobad has spanned the reaches of ambient electronica with the release of the double-single Cornsilk and 14c clear. Warm and immediately danceable, the a-side Cornsilk opens with the distorted chirps of birdsong and refracting synths, instantly transporting the listeners to the waterside retreat of a rainforest. 

Later Kaikobad amps up the energy with propulsive bass and subtle, airy vocals, as if whispered from the treetops.

Kaikobad double-single

There’s a tropical feel to Cornsilk, with the overall atmosphere of a summertime daydream, helped along by ear-catching spoken word samples. The rich production makes Cornsilk’s runtime fly by, a feat sometimes difficult for wordless tracks. 

Perhaps the standout moment on Cornsilk is its unflashy build-up. Where other producers might exaggerate the climactic moments before a drop, Kaikobad instead allows Cornsilk to reach its apex by seamlessly cross-pollinating his sounds, with the end result feeling like a dissipating catharsis. 

Treading more ambient corners on the b-side, 14c clear is a deeply cinematic cut, trading out the summery hues of Cornsilk in favour of an atmospheric and brooding soundscape.

Amid the tinkle of sparse piano keys and the soft pitter-patter of rain, Kaikobad introduces panning synth sections to create a sense of unending spaciousness. 

If Cornsilk was the soundtrack of a summer blockbuster, then 14c clear would score the protagonist’s epiphany in the third act. So cinematic is the single that Kaikobad manages to tell a story of solemnity and optimism without ever uttering a lyric. 

It’s a testament to the Perth producer’s talent that his ambience evokes such emotions, and the feat is doubly impressive given that Kaikobad only started releasing music this year. With influences spanning FourTet to Jon Hopkins, Kaikobad has fulfilled his quest to “create something that breathes.” 

Listen to Kaikobad’s a-side and b-side singles Cornsilk and 14c clear below.