Austrian duo My Friend The Chimpanzee take listeners 2Paradise

Hailing from Vienna with an eclectic array of influences, My Friend The Chimpanzee explore the electronic realm with ‘2Paradise’

Stepping into 2024 with their three track EP release, friends Josef and Lukas take their project to the next level.

Their first release since 2022, ‘2Paradise’ is both a follow up and an introduction.

Taking note from Beastie Boys to Nada Surf, the duo aim to suffuse their alt rock foundation with an indie pop, synth driven sensibility.

Recorded and produced in Josef’s home studio, the pair steer clear of digital samples, preferring an analogue method of production.

‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ is a spacious, 80s infused indie track.

The Smiths meet Ultravox with Death Cab For Cutie dabbling in the melodies and vocal tone.

There’s an epic quality to this opening track, an energy that feels familiar and arresting.

Synths that recall the days of ‘Fireflies’ and the merge between emo and indie pop decorate the chorus.

The title track leans further into the 80s synths and guitar tones, leaving space for the vocals to take on an angelic quality.

The duo merge eloquently the 2000s emo longing with the 80s alternative dominance. ‘2Paradise’ sounds like the early musings of TwentyOnePilots, a confluence of energies and passions to allow something new to emerge; often the first of its kind.

‘Twin Moons/Bearwolf, Pt.2’ calls back to its predecessor, the duo setting up a kind of lore to be followed and annotated.

Spacey and untamed, this track is a helium balloon, touching the clouds before disappearing entirely.

The most soundtrack worthy, ‘Twin Moons…’ is dramatic, moving and loosely sensual.

Keeping things simple, the pair mess with a vocoder, as well as an array of guitar solos and distant synths.

Lyrically, this track is bleeding with regret and an acceptance of one’s darker self.

It ends abruptly, as if the story isn’t quite over yet, and is a surely so immediate in its absence that it’s impossible not to desire more.

When the desire becomes overwhelming, listen to ‘2Paradise’ in full below.