Track of the week: ‘Skaties’ by Beth Jackson

Fall head over heels for ‘Skaties’ a drop of indie pop perfection at its best

“I tried to ride a skateboard, I nearly died,” so begins Beth Jackson’s “Skaties,” “but then the 80’s came back and saved me, skates arrived.”

Beth Jackson’s infectious new track, “Skaties,” perfectly captures this universal experience, using a near-death skateboard wipeout as a metaphor for life’s inexplicably exhilarating and terrifying journey.

The song is a hidden gem, and how do we know? Because we’ve had it on repeat all day.

Despite limited information about the band, trust us, this indie pop masterpiece is worth seeking out. The chorus is insanely catchy, and the overall vibe is sublimely genius.

Lyrically, Beth delivers perfection, and vocally, ‘Skaties’ takes us on a sublime journey soundtracked by Jackson’s genuine and down-to-earth voice, cementing the vibe.

Produced and recorded at Noise Machines Studio with Radi Safi, the song’s production (the kind that gets your heart stuck in your throat) adds another layer to its ear worm quality.

The music video was filmed in what could only be Sydney Park, perfectly complements the song’s mood.

So, crank up the volume, embrace the wobbly thrills, and keep an eye on Beth Jackson – this artist is definitely one to watch! Just maybe keep your distance from skateboards in the meantime.


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