WATCH: Kobie Dee’s ‘Warriors & Storytellers’

Kobie Dee delivers a new single, & announces ‘South East Block Party 2024’ & the brand new Lexo Studios

Kobie Dee, the Gomeroi rapper hailing from South Sydney’s Maroubra Bidjigal Land, is back in the spotlight with his latest release, ‘Warriors & Storytellers.’

This track is more than just a banger—it’s a victory lap for Kobie, celebrating a year packed with milestones like proposing to his partner and becoming a proud dad.

Against a backdrop of arpeggiated trumpet hooks and trap beats, Kobie’s flow is as fierce as ever, delivering raw lyricism that speaks to his journey and the power of community support.

Kobie shares: “This track for me is like a victory lap – the end of a journey and the start of a new chapter. In this track I highlight the year where a lot has changed for the better and where a lot of hard work has paid off. 

Releasing this after “Father’s Eyes” and “Statistic” is my way of showing that although I’ve had some harder times in my journey and there are still things I am working on – there is hope. I’ve reached a time in my life where I feel I am able to express the excitement of the times I have arrived at and what is to come in the future.

I want people to realise that no matter where you start – things get better when you put in the work. I want people to hear this track and feel they can conquer anything, whether it’s in the gym, music, or just life in general. This is my victory lap song – the start of a new chapter.”

As Kobie gears up for the South East Block Party 2024, where he’ll be performing live, he’s also set to launch Lexo Studios, a new recording space aimed at empowering his local community.

kobie dee block party 2024 new single release

Kobie Dee’s journey so far has been nothing short of impressive, with hits like ‘Father’s Eyes’ and ‘Statistic’ making waves.

With his latest track, he’s proving once again that hard work pays off and that the sky’s the limit.

‘Warriors & Storytellers,’ courtesy of Bad Apples Music.