The Gangster-Folk Nu-Skiffle revolution is alive: according to The Early Swerve

Blending contemporary narratives with a truly expansive mix of genre, The Early Swerve are certainly making an impression

After the release of their debut track ‘We Take Our Time,’ duo The Early Swerve take another huge swing with their newest single ‘6 of 12 For You.’

Taking note from a collection of influences that shouldn’t make sense like Skiffle, Latin Jazz, assorted film soundtracks and 60s British Invasion hard-hitters, The Early Swerve are making an indelible mark.

This new track is self described as being from the perspective of  “a misogynist lament[ing] the unadministered hidings and missed opportunities for retributional woundings.”

An interesting jumping off point, but one that has amassed thousands of streams and propelled The Early Swerve into a spotlight. 

Acoustic minor chords, a hopping bass line and an abrasive Fontaines DC-esque vocal.

Vaguely eerie, darkly comical while making astute social commentary, The Early Swerve ooze a performative energy that makes them feel both accomplished and fresh.

Fit for the cult favourite Misfits soundtrack, ‘6 of 12 For You’ is quintessentially British in its irreverence and dominance.

Harsh and blistering harmonies arrest attention and draw a circle around some of the most gripping lyrics.

Talking on this perspective is a risk, one that could easily be misunderstood and therefore crucified, but there’s something about The Early Swerve’s tone that makes them seem enlightened in their speech.

‘6 of 12 For You’ feels very Blur inspired, particularly in the Southern accented vocal and the comedic – and once again extremely British – delivery.

Taking their inspiration for shady local characters and barstool ramblings, The Early Swerve milk their surrounds for what in turn becomes something a whole lot more interesting than what we started out with.

Authenticity always resonates, and The Early Swerve are nothing if not undoubtedly themselves.

Singing about who and what they want, taking the piss while making worthwhile commentary and having a laugh over carefully constructed songwriting and production.

With this release hitting even harder than their last, The Early Swerve are pulling out all the right moves, and this is just the beginning.

Listen to ‘6 of 12 For You’ below.